Spring's box was the final edition.

Closing Notice

Spring = Last Box

I have made the difficult decision to close down Craft the Seasons. The Spring boxes which already shipped was the last edition. I have refunded all renewals for the summer box and have closed out all subscription plans.

Thank you.

Thank you so much for your support for Craft the Seasons. If you didn't know, I run Craft Kitsune (I believe 90% of you came from Craft Kitsune). So, I will still be around and shipping out craft kits! Info on Craft Kitsune


I started Craft the Seasons with the intent on being able to nurture and grow the service. I wanted to provide a unique subscription box to help you decorate your home each and every season. However, Craft Kitsune really took off this year and requires more and more of my attention. Which I am super excited & happy about! In order to devote more time to Craft Kitsune, Craft the Seasons will be closing. I would much rather be able to provide an extraordinary experience with one subscription box than have the two compete for my time.

Thank you again & I hope we can stay in touch!